“Renaissance” by Rafaèlla

Rafaèlla is looking out for herself on her new track titled, “Renaissance”, and all we can say is bravo!

While this track is in no relation to the Beyonce album name, do not be fooled, Rafaèlla has created a genre that is truly her own and one of a kind.

“Renaissance is the perfect mix of West and Middle East, a harmonious blend of darkness and light.”

We love that this new single has a dangerous kind of vibe, this is a song about being reborn and doing things your own way and taking a stand for who you really are.

Rafaèlla goes on to say that, “it is a song about rebirth, finding and choosing yourself. From mellow yet assured vocals, alternative pop ambience, the Greek Cypriot traditional instrumentation including bouzouki and the middle eastern melodies, Rafaèlla leaves a sweet taste with a spicy twist to any listener’s mouth.

While listening to “Renaissance” we crave it’s ability to be different and unique, these beautiful sounds of Greek instruments and melodies are unlike anything that we have heard before, and we love how natural it is for Rafaèlla.

Renaissance” is strong and unapologetically honest and this is an artist that you don’t want to miss.

We love that Rafaèlla does not hold herself back on this single and we cannot wait to hear more from her. 

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Our personal favorite line: “I’m looking out for myself/ get out of drama/ never again.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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