“Mortal” by Garland Kelley

Nashville-based artist Garland Kelley’s new track “Mortal” is the title track to the musician’s upcoming debut EP. “Mortal” is a flawless mix of enthralling guitar strings, subtle riffs, and emotional lyrics, making for an overall easy-listening track that has something for everyone. 

Garland Kelley is an alternative rock artist and music producer from Nashville, Tennessee. Kelley is well-known in Nashville, performing at numerous music venues there for the past decade; it is now his time to shine all over the world. Garland has such poignant lyrics that are deep yet not too harrowing to listeners simultaneously. His use of these lyrics along with the relaxing and hypnotizing instrumental, makes for an extraordinary piece of art. 

Garland Kelley’s music is what many like to call “lyrical dissonance.” Upon first listening, one might think the song is a happy tune due to the upbeat nature of the instrumental, but once delving deeper and listening to the lyrics, the song holds a much more profound meaning. In “Mortal,” one can hear the taboo topics discussed, including mortality, mental health, and existentialism. Although these thoughts go through everyone’s heads frequently, they aren’t necessarily something we talk about to others on the daily. To hear those somewhat “forbidden” topics discussed so eloquently within beautiful music is both refreshing and helpful to those listening. 

Take a listen to “Mortal” now, and be on the lookout for Garland Kelley’s upcoming debut album!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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