“Burning Hell” by The Midnight Vortex

The Midnight Vortex is here with “Burning Hell” and this track is fueled with excitement, a feeling that is lit by fire.

Burning Hell” is full of strong vocals and deep rock guitars that make us want to sway back and forth while listening.

The band does wonders on this new single by not only sharing their love of rock, but their love for music.

The band has this to say about their new single. “Burning Hell” [is] an aggressive and energetic love song with a moody and dark undertone which dives into the raw, fiery emotions of a messy and passionate affair.”

The Midnight Vortex also says, “We felt the need to show another side of ourselves- breaking out from the ballads and into something heavier. “Burning Hell” has been such an important addition to our repertoire as [this song demonstrates] our full sound.”

“Burning Hell” is a single that feels hot and sounds fiery at the same time, the visuals are fun and give the illusion that the band is playing in hell, and this makes the track even more mesmerizing.

We also can’t help but to mention the beautiful cover art that the band presents every time they release a new single. (Take a look if you haven’t yet!)

These London natives have come together to create magic and they are looking forward to creating more. 

Make sure you follow the band on their socials (listed below) and find out if there are any shows near you!

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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