“Why Do You Want” by Couvo

Couvo is back with “Why Do You Want”, and it’s every bit of angst you’ve been looking for. This new single is a breath of fresh air and we are taking all of our breaths nice and slow.

“Why Do You Want” is perfectly within its own category, and Couvo provides outstanding vocals to the point of us having a hard time not putting this on repeat.

Couvo gives us listeners a small taste of romance and mystery with this single, as it’s really a question that comes out in the lyrics as “Why Do You Want (Me”)?

As the subject asks this query, Couvo does his best to provide answers that so easily seal the deal.

This is a fun track that reminds us about the innocence of love and the trials and tribulations that could follow.

“Why do you want what you want? It’s a straightforward question until you dig deeper. Alternating between Alex G-tinged intimacy and an anthemic 90s-Alt throwback vibe, Couvo turns a critical eye toward our desires that speaks both to the political and the personal, all over the bad*ss chug of palm-muted power chords.”

This unique style of indie and alternative rock let’s us listeners know that there is a great love of the 90s grunge music and the way that it sounds, shout out to the band for creating something modern that warms our hearts with the 90s feel and vibe.

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Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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