“Gasoline on Fire” by Allie Jean

Combining all the best of country rock/pop, bluegrass, and country grundge, Allie Jean has released her debut single “Gasoline on Fire” available now.” The lead single is to promot her debut LP This Drink is for The Hard Times. The Australian singer was born in a small town in North East Victoria and has always had an influence from country music and bluegrass – this is her exciting new take on it.

“Gasoline on Fire” can be described as a situation where revenge was best served hot. We are told too often to bottle up anger or fall into a place of feeling sorry – when sometimes it feels good to be and it is fun! This combines all the best of revengeful female country stars like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood but with Jean’s original confidence and sass.

She sings as if she has a smile on the whole time and she is letting the listener in on her master plan. Some standout lyrics are, “just ride on out / stop shooting your mouth / love made me blind just like it made you a liar.” The production is polished and gritty in all the right places. Jean’s softer voice contrasts lovely with the dirty electric guitars and the rage that comes through her lyrics is thoughout and fun. The gang vocals shouting “get off your high horse” give the song an older feel too – in the best way.

When asked about her style and the song’s message, Jean shared, It’s a bit rock, it’s a bit country, but ultimately, it’s about upping the ante, saying to the person who is pissing you off, you think things are bad now? You have no idea what’s coming your way.”

So let out your anger and jam to “Gasoline on Fire” until This Drink is for The Hard Times” is released!

Written by Katie Power





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