“Stand Me Up Again” by Micah Sheveloff

Putting a spin on his own classic, Micah Sheveloff released “Stand Me Up Again.” “Stand Me Up Again” is a more dramatic and emotional rendition of his 2012 single “Stand Me Up.” Sheveloff has had an impressive career, being raised on classical music and the timeless sound of The Beatles, he was able to find a sound all of his own. As both a pianist and a songwriter, he has a passion in the whole process of making music. He always strives for great sound and wants to make sure old school recording methods are not forgotten.

It is hard to ignore how clear and crisp the sound is. Sheveloff is so intentional with every second he has on a song. He toes the line between art and science beautiful, showing how much sound and production can make or break a track. The lyrics are vivid and visual, the passion in Sheveloff’s voice when he sings, “Mama I’m worn out today / what am I doing dying in the rain? / Mama I can’t go on this way / what am I doing with a bullet in the brain?” is undeniable. The constant use of rain imagery throughout the track helps drive home the sadness he is feeling, and that final line cuts like a knife.

When asked about rereleasing his older single with some new dynamics, Sheveloff shared, “Though fans and press gravitated toward the original release of this song, it was early in my singer/songwriter adventures, and I felt strongly that I could do a more cinematic, emotional lead vocal.”

So be sure to go steam Sheveloff’s single “Stand Me Up Again” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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