“In My Mind” by Nian Tong

Both a fun and timeless project, Nian Tong has released his EP, In His Mind, available everywhere now. With a goal to capture sunshine in sound form, Tong has already proved himself successful with over 5 million streams in China alone. Taking inspiration from producing legends like Pharrell and Mark Ronson, Tong is already a distinct and fresh voice above the top 40 noise. It is rare to hear such a cohesive project from an independent artist, Tong had a vision and executed beautifully – weaving in lyrics over the course of songs as form of cohesion and connection. Each song blends and stands out, a perfect balance for a vision like this.

The EP opens with an “Intro” and it pulls back the curtain before the music has even begun. It sounds like Tong and Kevin Harris Project are toying around with the beginning of the opening track “In My Mind.”

As the first track and the title of the EP “In My Mind” is a perfect introduction to the world Tong has built. The song heavily infuses Tong’s 1970s pop influences with a jazzy edge. It is the kind of music that just makes you want to jump up and start moving. It is an explosive sound and is just full of love and heart.

“You Know” is a standout track, comparing the two lovers as a musical. The lyrics are so unique with Tong singing, “you know you sound like a rainbow / you know I want to live colorful..” The song is perfect for a musical and is actually reminiscent of something you would find in the Disney Muppet movie like “Life’s a Happy Song.”

The whole project was captivating, and it is worth listening to again and again. The polished and thoughtful production, heartfelt lyrics, and overall character of Nian Tong make him an artist to watch.

Written by Katie Power





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