“Speak For A Moment” by Matt Deangelis

Driving home a message to this in the present, Matt DeAngelis put out his new single “Speak For A Moment.” DeAngelis is a singer songwriter who has been honing his craft for over half of his life. As a writer, he is drawn to interweaving his other passions such as climate change and mental health into his writing. Climate Change awareness is so important to DeAngelis that he is also a storm chaser to show people the serious issue it is and that we need to work on preserving it.

“Speak For A Moment” is a prog rock inspired song with a jazzy influence. With soaring guitars and DeAngelis’s voice – with an emotional pull like Billy Joel, it is a song that is both uplifting and has an important message. The synths are playful throughout the verses and choruses. DeAngelis shares that he was inspired about early pandemic and the changing planet to write this song, but it can be for anyone who is looking for their calling.

DeAngelis is reminding the listener that time is quickly passing by, so live in the moment. He sings, “No matter how far I travel / look at the clock / its slipping away / Speak for a moment / sing for a day.” It is a great way to remind everyone how precious life is and to live every moment to the fullest.

When asked what inspired DeAngelis to write this song he shared, “This song was written to exemplify my determination of living in the present and fulfilling desires to make a difference in the world.”

So be sure to check out DeAngelis’s new single “Speak For A Moment” available everywhere now!

Written by Katie Power





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