“When It Feels So Fake” by nasmore

When It Feels So Fake” by nasmore is here, and we can’t get enough. 

This track masters the ability to have consistent surprises and vocal ranges that make you want to hit repeat on this song.

The band had this to say about their new single, “When It Feels So Fake is a mesmerizing fusion of indie pop and electronic vibes that captures the essence of a generation looking forward. Drawing inspiration from artists like Imagine Dragons and Nickleback, the track brings forth an ethereal soundscape juxtaposed with punchy rhythms.”

Nasmore contains a unique edge that capturers listeners attention easily and keeps us listening to find out what instrumental will kick in. 

Nasmore is making a name for themselves by creating their own well mixed genre that causes listeners to consider switching to a band that has such talent. 

Although this band has many inspirations, they have distanced themselves from other bands that may contain similar sounds.

Nasmore is a name that you want to remember and you don’t want to forget, especially because “When It Feels So Fake” is so relevant in a world like this.

Make sure you follow nasmore on all of their socials (links below) to find out what they are releasing next, and check for any upcoming shows near you. 

Our personal favorite line: “The only thing I like about my birthday is the fire on top of the cake/ I never hesitate to medicate.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

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