“Grieving the Future” by Eleri Ward

Eleri Ward is here with a new single, and it’s one of the best dancing tracks you’ll ever hear.

“Grieving the Future” is a steady and sweet piece of new sounds that remind us of the late 70s and early 80s era with its easy build that begins at the first half of the song.

Eleri Ward really shows her passions here, by calling out her insecurities and coming to terms with how much she has grown, and we love every bit of it. 

E. Ward had this to say about her new single, “ I feel so aligned with the sonic landscape of this song and how I approach pop music as a writer who loves to focus on storytelling and intention. I’m ready to create something wholly new and very much me, which this single stands as a beacon for. I love straddling the line between the music and theater industries, and am actively trying to bridge the gap by bringing more character to the music side and more melody to the theatrical side.”

She continues on by saying, “Having played 22 cities this year with my Sondheim tour, I’m thrilled to be doing a brand new tour of the northeast in the fall, leading up to the biggest solar show I’ve ever done at The Town Hall in NYC on November 15th.”

Make sure you follow Eleri Ward on her musical journey and check out tickets for her live shows.

Here’s a link to her new video for her single, “Grieving the Future.

Our personal favorite line: “Crying, crying over nothing”/ “I’ve been hiding in plain sight, cause I’ve been fooling everybody with a smile.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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