“Adult” by Eva Westphal

Eva Westphal is back with one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear, titled, “Adult

This tear-jerker of a song pulls on our childhood memory banks and our heartstrings, and as she sings, we imagine living out these scenarios.

Eva has this to say about her new single “Passionate about mental health, I hope that my music will help you love your authentic self. LGBTQ+ listeners, as well as listeners in recovery, have found comfort in my song and I hope to share it with the world!”

We love how positive Eva is, and how she shares her confidence through her music, as well as her ability to capture her listeners attention within her first few lines.

Adult” is not only a clear calling to those that have grown up with these feelings, but how we can become the adults that we look up to, but initially better.

This track makes us feel like we are waking up early for school again, dreading the day, but at least we have someone by our side, telling us it’s okay.

We are so excited to hear what Eva comes out with next!

Make sure you follow Eva Westphal on all of her socials, (listed below), and be on the lookout for any upcoming shows.

Our personal favorite line: “I will drive you to the shitty high school party/ I will pour you water and tell you it’s beer/ And when you slur to me that life’s unfair/ I’ll just agree and stroke your hair/ and wish that you could see that I am here.” (The whole song is amazing!)

Reviewed by Demornay Bester








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