“Tipping Point” by Grace & Moji

Husband-wife duo Grace & Moji’s new song, “Tipping Point,” is a poignant and heartfelt track. The song, which is the third single released by the indie-pop duo, pulls at the heartstrings in just the first few seconds. The subtle strumming of guitars, the soft yet moving vocals, and the overall atmospheric vibe make “Tipping Point” a turning point for Grace & Moji, solidifying their distinct sound and making them a band to look out for.

“Tipping Point” begins with the quiet picking of guitars. Moji’s vocals quickly arrive but don’t detract from the beautiful instrumental. His vocals are touching, as he flawlessly showcases his range. His voice is somewhat reminiscent of artists such as Sufjan Stevens, yet has it’s unique sound. During his verse, Moji discusses the emotional turmoil he is going through as his relationship is seemingly crashing in front of him.

Grace’s emotive vocals follow Moji, who beautifully tells her side of the story. As she is also realizing that their relationship is about to collapse, she still clings on to the hope that love is enough. As the two build momentum within their serene verses, they eventually come together in an explosive verse, almost sounding like a fight for love.

Towards the end of the track, the duo is basically scream-singing the lyrics, “Say something,” highlighting that overpowerful feeling of wanting to keep your relationship alive. In the end, Grace & Moji came together in both a romantic and artistic way. “Tipping Point” is a beautiful tribute to fighting for those you love and not giving up.

“Tipping Point” is out now on all major music streaming platforms. Listen today!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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