“In My Dreams” by Zanne Hanna

If you haven’t heard the graceful voice of Zanne Hanna, you are truly missing out. Her new single “In My Dreams” is breathtaking, relatable, vulnerable, and we can’t help but to love every moment of it.

This short but sweet song calls to us through the sweet hymns of Zanne Hanna’s voice.

In My Dreams” contains a broad spectrum of lyrics that we understand, and at the same time we smile because we can really feel what Z. H wants to deliver with this song.

Here are a few words from the artist herself, “I wrote this song at the beginning of this year, when I was finally starting to process the ending of a long, toxic relationship. I had to sort out which ideas, thoughts, and opinions were mine, and what parts of my life were actually real to me.”

She continues on by saying, “The bridge and outro of this song is me confronting the fact that my ex always thought nothing of me, and my experiences in the last years were real, even if I didn’t believe it yet.”

Not only did Z. Hanna created something new and memorable, she and her producer Austin Atlas, made a piece of art that pulls on our heartstrings.

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Our personal favorite line: “I’m getting to know my feet/ are they mine?/ I stand at the bridge/ he pours gasoline over the side/ close the windows/ turn out the lights/ In my dreams/ I’m always right.”Fire.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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