“The Wailers” by Man With A Corduroy Heart

Up-and-coming Indie-folk artist Man With A Corduroy Heart has released his debut single, “The Wailers.” The song, a spacy, and alluring track, is guaranteed to take the listener on a relaxing and hypnotic journey. This is because the soothing song is the equivalent of floating on a cloud, with the magnetic instrumental and Man With A Corduroy Heart’s calming vocals. The song’s peacefulness that it holds is an ideal start to your morning, ending to a quiet night, or during a serene car ride. 

The person behind Man With A Corduroy Heart is UK-native Ryan Davies. While this may be his debut single, Davies is no stranger to the music scene, as he is an audio engineer. When asked about how his day job differs from his music, Davies explained: “Unlike my day-to-day work where artists want perfect and pristine mixes, here I wanted it to be organic and do one-takes, embrace unwanted noise, go back to using cassettes and let the song do the work rather than the mix.” Davies’ job as an audio engineer could be the reason why “The Wailers” sounds so flawlessly produced and why the vision in his mind was so meticulously executed.  

“The Wailers” is what some may call “easy listening,” as anyone can enjoy it. Davies’ silky-smooth vocals, the jazz guitars, and hypnotizing background sounds that are used throughout create a vintage feel to the track. 

According to Davies, “The Wailers” is a song about trying to get your baby to sleep with the help of Bob Marley. This makes perfect sense, as the track has such a calming aurora with a somewhat nostalgic vibe, pointing to the Bob Marley influence. 

Take a listen to “The Wailers” now, available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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