“Old Daze” by Close Drive

Indie-folk rock band Close Drive’s first studio EP “Old Daze” is familiar yet unique, with old-school acoustic rock vibes that people of any age will love. Consisting of six memorable tracks with instrumental-heavy acoustics and mesmerizing vocals, Close Drive deserves recognition for their distinct, captivating sound. 

“Old Daze” is an eccentric work of art. Beginning off strong with the upbeat and quirky track “Yesterday” and ending with the more melancholic track “Another Wonderful,” Close Drive showcases their songwriting and creating music range. Each song off the EP has unique and isolated characteristics that showcase that every track can stand on its own. At the same time, when played one after another, the EP flows together flawlessly. “Old Daze” is an ideal EP, as it can be played together or as a stand-alone track.

Following the cheery “Yesterday” is the title track, “Old Daze,” which is a personal favorite. This track highlights vocalist Brandon Higgins’ passionate vocals, and the beautiful instrumental doesn’t shy away. Following “Old Daze” is “Bed Head,” which has a dreamy, more indie-pop vibe. The song is danceable, catchy, and oh-so-fun. After this, “For Now, Pt.2” and “Variegation” are much more acoustic-heavy, with moving lyrics about love, loss, and heartbreak. The EP ends with “Another Wonderful,” entirely tying the whole thing together. “Old Daze” is musically creative, vocally mature, and discusses topics we are all familiar with: the ups and downs of life. It’s a perfect EP to start your morning or end your day with.

Close Drive consists of John Antoni (guitar/backing vocals), Brandon Higgins (guitar/ lead vocals), William Higgins (bass, backing vocals) and Kevin Sullivan (drums). Playing initially as a duo, the band is now playing shows all around the Northeast as a four-person band. 

Check out Close Drive’s debut EP, “Old Daze,” now available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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