“Darkness Bliss” by Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne has outdone herself again, her new single “Darkness Bliss” is perfect for spooky season and the ones yet to come.

We love this dark mysterious voice that Edie presents us with, and with every track she releases, we hear her vocals reach new heights.

“Darkness Bliss” is just the track we needed to make our Halloween one of a kind and even more spectacular.

Edie adds a light rasp to her tone while she sings and this makes us feel like we are vampires, lurking through the shadows on a dark cold night.

“Darkness Bliss” is perfectly timed and we hate that this track is short!

E. Y even adds an eerie sensibility to the track and this makes us want to hear more.

We would love to hear a whole album from Edie Yvonne with nothing but Halloween tracks and it would be on instant replay.

Edie describes this song as “A sad dark story just in time for Halloween. A fall friendship dramatized. [With this track being] on the heels of [Edie Yvonne’s] retro pop hit “Queen Bee”, [this new single takes] a darker more experimental tone and turn…”

Darkness Bliss” is a track that takes us listeners, to a new place, and if Edie wasn’t on your radar, she will be now.

Make sure you follow Edie Yvonne on all of her socials, (listed below) and be sure to keep your ears open for what she’s releasing next.

Our personal favorite line: “In a sense ( Innocence)/ he’s just a kid/ at least I tell myself/ but I know what you did/ what you do-”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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