“Stretch Out Your Hand” by The Sound of Mountains

Post-rock artist The Sound of Mountain’s new single, “Stretch Out Your Hand,” is an instrumental consisting of a peaceful melody, with soft strumming of guitars and an overall calming aurora. The cinematic landscape “Stretch Out Your Hand” gives off is unlike anything heard today. It isn’t as familiar to have instrumental music in 2023, but “Stretch Out Your Hand” has a beautiful way of modernizing the genre while still keeping the tranquil, nostalgic vibe as well.  

The artist behind The Sound of Mountains is California’s Christopher Morin, who is responsible for being the composer as well as playing the guitar, drums, and keys in all of his music. The ultra-talented musician created “Stretch Out Your Hand” in his home studio in Sherman Oaks, California. The only part not performed by Morin himself is the angel-like violin, which was conducted by Jahna Stanton, who lives in Ohio. The track was mixed and mastered by Goran Dragaš.

The song itself has a serene feeling that is guaranteed to relax anyone and take them on a daydream-like journey. It has a melancholy feel to it, with the use of minor keys. The violin, along with Morin’s instrumental, is the ideal sound for a film score, as just the melody alone tells a story, a story that evokes reflection and emotion. 

Listen to The Sound of Mountain’s “Stretch Out Your Hand” and keep a lookout for his upcoming music, as this is just the first single off his forthcoming project. 

Written by Melissa Cusano





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