“Big Things” by Rukudzo

Rukudzo is back again with a new single, “Big Things” and it makes us consider our own relationships, as well as our mental health status. 

Big Things” is not only a catchy new hit from the Hertfordshire native, but tackles a lot of subjects within the song’s runtime of 3:36.

Rukudzo brings to light things that have been hidden in the dark on her new single and she even specifies her significant others’ sneaky and conniving ways. 

There are even moments in “Big Things” that highlight her future with this person and what their true intentions could be.

In several parts of the track, we hear Rukudzo change up her speed when intense, and slow it down when necessary, and we can’t help but to call this pure talent, her ability to do as such is flawless and engaging, she captured our ears by doing this effortlessly.

With a new single like “Big Things” under Rukudzo’s belt, we cannot wait to hear what she has next in store. She told us some of her story on this track, and we are currently craving more. We cannot wait for your EP to arrive Rukudzo!

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Our personal favorite line: “Boy you are down, down/ safe to say we’re done now/ told you I’m your wife/ you can buy a new house/ home is with the heart/ but I’m taking mine now/ begging on your knees to me/ but you show no respect to me”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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