“Bedroom Angel” by Kat Cunning

“Bedroom Angel” is a strong track about finding power dynamics within a newer relationship. Kat Cunning showcases an overwhelmingly gorgeous range of vocals throughout the course of the song. The kind of vocals that make you want to listen for hours.

“Bedroom Angel” is Kat’s first release in two years. And it was worth the wait. This song really captures Kat’s signature sound that keeps their fan base coming back. It is sexy, dynamic, and showcases a range of emotions. It starts off with Kat Cunning’s mysterious humming, which provides a sensual mystery for the listener leaving them eager to see where the song is going from there.

This song provides so many musical journeys for the listener. Kat stays true to their indie-pop vibe but also mixes a range of instrumentals to make this song more dynamic than just being characterized into one genre. The musical arrangement goes through carefully orchestrated movements, taking the audience along with it. The beats are mixed within a bed of keyboard and drums while also finding a unique sound to accompany Kat’s dynamic vocals.

The song itself is extremely sexy and embodies a sensual confidence. With lyrics like, “I’m possessive but you like that / You’re my favorite ghost / Lay your pressures on my night stand / Hold tight to the bed post”, Kat Cunning is definitely not afraid to hold back. And why should they be? With confidence like that, it should be sang to the world. Which is exactly what she does throughout the journey of this song.

Kat Cunning has been a powerhouse voice for the Queer and Non-Binary audience and continues to do so in this dominant yet influential tune. “Bedroom Angel” encourages confidence and defiance in the best kind of way. Kat knows how to use her vocals to really capture the essence of her message.

Simply put, can’t wait to hear more from Kat Cunning. “Bedroom Angel” is a banger. Literally.

Written by Tricia Patras

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