“Fade Away” by Carson Aday

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Carson Aday is a unique artist with profound lyrics and distinctive vocals; he knows how to create a catchy tune. His latest single, “Fade Away,” is the perfect example of this. He uses taboo topics, such as religion, and his internal struggles in the music industry. The lyrics are a look into Carson’s mind, which, like many others, is non-linear and a confusing mix of emotions. He’s begging for what he grew up with, religion, not to fade away from him while having conflicting thoughts at the same time. While Carson’s sincere lyrics are at the forefront, juxtaposing them with the upbeat melody makes for an exceptional track.

Carson Aday lives in Dallas, Texas, with a loyal and growing fanbase. As a multi-instrumentalist, Carson is responsible for vocals, lyrics, instrumentals, and everything in between. His innate talent for creating music has allowed him to write and record songs independently. For “Fade Away” though, drummer Jonathan Peace and bassist Payton Seiler were asked to join. Together, the trio created a hard-hitting song with equally captivating lyrics as the instrumental.

“Fade Away” is a particular track as it discusses topics often shined away in the industry. Something as dividing as religion can often be looked at poorly, as everyone has their conflicting thoughts. I admire how Carson takes a subject that, no matter what, people will have something negative to say about, and turns it into a beautiful work of art. We all have internal moral tension, whether it’s with religion, a relationship, a job, etc. Carson beautifully captivates this war within our minds within “Fade Away.”

Please take a listen today to Carson Aday and his fantastic music. “Fade Away” is now available on most major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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