“The Way It Is” by Lauren Minear

Lauren Minear is back with an amazingly written song titled, “The Way It Was”, and it immediately throws us  into a time capsule filled with “Charmed”  episodes and “The Craft” fashion (which makes us squeal with joy!) and creates a certain addictiveness that we didn’t know we needed. “The Way It Was” is pure and fun, and we hear the “garage band” sound that we have been unknowingly searching for. This catchy song is magical and forever meaningful.

While listening we can hear that there is so much empowerment weaved within the lyrics that we can’t stop listening.

We feel that this track is everything we ever needed, with its nostalgic feel, and honest lyrics, what more could we ask for? Here are a few words from Lauren’s team about the new single, “Lauren Minear’s signature ability to transform strong emotions into deeply resonant songwriting shines through her forthcoming single, “The Way It Was.”

“The track, co-written with and produced by Dan Weeks, was inspired by the United States Supreme Court’s landmark repeal of Roe versus Wade. It channels Minear’s feelings around the current political climate into a rising, empowering anthem for women.”

Make sure you check out Lauren Minear on all of her socials, and follow her for all of the updates. We also hear that “Minear’s forthcoming album (expected Spring 2024), a colorful exploration of visibility and mind self- discovery”

Our personal favorite line: “It’s not about you babe/ It’s not about love/ you say that you miss me/ the way that it was” & “Time to move on now/ from the way it was” “We’ll never stop trying/ while women are dying/ we come from the earth/ love/ It’s how you were made.”

Written by Demornay Bester





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