“New York’s Been Good To Me” by Charlie Diamond

Listening to Hartford, Connecticut’s Charlie Diamond, you might think you’re hearing a classic bluegrass tune from the ’60s or ’70s. You may be surprised to learn that he is from our generation. His latest track, “New York’s Been Good To Me,” transports you to a different time. With its acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Diamond’s raspy vocals, “New York’s Been Good To Me” is reminiscent of old-school folk rock that seems to have disappeared many years ago.

As the title suggests, “New York’s Been Good To Me” was written and recorded in New York City. One would never know that the entire track was recorded on a Macbook, as it has such seamless transitions and a flawless production. 

The song begins and ends with a harmonica and the subtle strumming of guitars, bringing a peaceful vibe over to the listener. Charlie Diamond’s vocals are blunt yet delicate at the same time, and the melody is infectious. Reminiscent of artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young but with modern rock elements, Diamond is the ultimate artist for listeners of all ages.

The song has multiple impressive harmonica solos, showcasing Diamond’s undeniable talent. Being a multi-instrumentalist, he is responsible for vocals, song-writing, instrumental, recording, and producing. The song was recorded late at night and in just one recording, which is truly admirable. 

Diamond did what many of us wish we dared to do: quit our jobs and drive across the country. Spending nights on the street in a tent and on various friends’ couches, Charlie Diamond is living the actual musician’s dream. According to him, this trip across the country is highlighted within his music. His music “…reflects the freedom of the road, color of the wind, dreams and imagination.”

“New York’s Been Good To Me” is available on most major music streaming platforms. Check it out today!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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