“Innocent Sinner” by h. eldritch

Alternative artist h. eldritch has a distinct sound that is strenuous to describe, as it’s in a lane of its own. His music has elements of folk-rock, electronica, and indie rock, just to name a few. The genre-fusing musician creates alluring music featuring his signature guitar strumming and mesmerizing vocals. His latest single, “Innocent Sinner,” is a serene display of his innate talent. 

The artist behind h. eldritch is London-based musician and producer Harry Houseago. His profound yet playful lyricism and the captivating instrumental he produces are like nothing that’s been heard before. His latest track “Innocent Sinner” tells a story of  “…a mischievous romantic tryst.” While Harry’s raspy, bewitched vocals are at the forefront, one can’t help but be swept away by his fingerstyle guitar playing, which tells a story of love without lyrics. On top of the flawless instrumental, Harry effortlessly switches from quiet to scream-like vocals, highlighting his impeccable artistic range.

“Innocent Sinner” begins with soft guitar strumming and tranquil-like vocals. About a minute in, the cinematic chorus arrives; the subtle guitar gets louder, and hard-hitting drums begin to be heard. Harry’s voice gets louder but remains just as harmonious. 

“Innocent Sinner” goes through ebbs and flows but never strays from the sound that makes h. eldritch’s sound so distinguishable. The star of the show at the end of the day is Harry’s extraordinary vocals. The fact that he can nail every note while still having emotion shine through is remarkable. 

Take a listen to h. eldritch’s “Innocent Sinner, ” which is available on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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