“do you like what you see?” by Maddie Hanna

Let’s take a slow drive with Maddie Hanna and put her latest single “do you like what you see?” on repeat. We are certain that Maddie had every intention of making us feel relaxed and calm during the creative process of this new track.

We love Maddie’s vocals on “do you like what you see”, as they highlight how many genres she can tackle. We hear influences from r&b, neo-soul music, as well as a mix of alternative heavy beats.

Maddie had this to say about her new single, “The song “do you like what you see?” is my third release. I believe that my music has its own unique sound that reflects my authenticity as an artist. My goal is to heal others through my music, which is why I write lyrics that are easy to relate to and emotionally driven. I am proud of the growth I have had and am excited about where my music goes in the future.”

We appreciate how honest and open Maddie is about her lyrics, and how vulnerable she gets. She is making it known that there is nobody quite like her and we respect that because she demands it and with talent like this, we listen.

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Our personal favorite line: “Don’t deny that sh*t/ I prove it”

Written by Demornay Bester





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