“Pennsylvania” by Nicholas Kozushko

Nicholas Kozushko is not just a singer/songwriter but a true artist of all parallels. The way he transforms something as simple as the leaves swaying into a full blown feeling, is pure genius. He does just that in his new release. This song is filled with transcendent metaphors and real life emotion. Kozushko turns poetry into the beautiful melody of “Pennsylvania”.

The vocals are accompanied by a well rounded array of instrumentals. From the banjo to guitar, the musical arrangements which are chosen really serve as a perfect bed for the lyrics to lay in. In this tune, Kozushko chooses more of a simplistic production style which helps the lyrics be the main focus. By doing so, he is really able to capture the pure indie-folk essence of this song.

Kozushko’s vocals are light and float perfectly alongside the lyrics that accompany them. His songwriting talent is showcased from start to finish within “Pennsylvania”. Through metaphors and vivid past memories, he captivates the listener into a story that makes them feel as if they have experienced it themselves. This song truly allures what makes a good Americana Folk song a great one. Kozushko especially has a talent within illustrating a moment in time with diverse lyrical imagery. He really knows how to transform words off a page into a different medium.

The main reason why I love this song is because it makes the listener feel. Through his descriptive lyrics like, “Fall came / Soon as the rain / It hit on the glass / On the window pane”, he emulates an image that the listeners can put themselves in.

This song is about losing a love and what it’s like to try and move on without them. Kozushko mentions the feeling of seeing this person everywhere; in the moon, the change of seasons, and through the rain. Eventually, you hope to stop seeing them and create a life on your own. He notates on how a place can be attached to a person. Through his introspective lyrics, he really emulates this in such a beautiful way.

This song is more than a song, it is a feeling. One I feel lucky to have been able to hold on to for the 3:37 minutes that is “Pennsylvania”.

Written by Tricia Patras

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