“Miles To You” by Katelyn Paige

 Here is a voice that we have been missing, Katelyn Paige is here with a new single, “Miles To You”, and we already can’t get enough. Let’s start by saying that Katelyn’s steady build towards the song’s chorus is catchy and unexpected, but it’s also perfectly timed.

“Miles To You” is perfect because we not only can listen to it while crying, but we can listen to it in the car while driving, and that makes it twice as good.

Katelyn has the ability to show off her lyrics when she needs to, and we just love her ability to change as the song does. Paige does well showing off her vocal skills and that range is consistent!

We cannot wait to hear what Katelyn will release next! This track is not only relatable, but catchy as well and we love the heavy bass that was added and Katelyn’s vocals contribute the perfect flair.

Here are a few words from  Katelyn’s team about the new single, “Miles to You”, “[This track] takes you on a musical expedition through the trials and triumphs of love. From dusty roads of uncertainty to the highs and lows of passion, this track captures the essence of the quest of true connection. Love is an adventure, and “Miles To You” is the perfect soundtrack.

Make sure you follow Katelyn Paige on her socials, (listed below), so you can stay tuned in to what’s coming soon. 

Our personal favorite line: “I swear it feels like home when I’m with you/ I’ll go miles and miles to you”

Written by Kendra Beltran



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