“After All This Time” by La Palma

If you haven’t heard the perfect blend of dream pop and psychedelic rock, then you obviously haven’t heard La Palma’s new single, “After All This Time”, it’s sure to put you in the mood to day dream of hazy visuals and sequences. “After All This Time” is a wave of emotions, and we would stay on forever and listen if we could. This single is not only one of a kind, but creates a sense of peace and calming.

This track deserves to be played on the maximum volume. “After All This Time” is pure and perfect, especially for those that love the garage band, nostalgic, art pop kind of sound.

The band has this to say about the new single, “The track was built around the sound of an old Casio Keyboard, owned by band member Chris Walker since childhood. La Palma likes the keyboard so much that they have two of them: One stays with Chris in San Francisco, and the other resides with bandmate Tim Gibbon in Washington, DC. The song’s lyrics ponder themes of memory, nostalgia, and imagination.”

Make sure you follow La Palma on all of their socials (listed below), and be on the lookout for any shows that could be coming near you. Also, make sure you check out the music video for the new single, “shot on Super 8 film and a prism in San Francisco and Big Sur, California.”

Our personal favorite line: We had so many lines that we love, it was hard to pick! “In the sand, a driftwood fire/ In the waves of saltwater/ there’s a sun that always sets.” & “There’s a place/ on your face/ I just want to know it/ I don’t want to go/ I just want to know/ It’s there”

Written by Demornay Bester






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