KTJ & CARLY are no strangers to their honesty portrayed within their storytelling. “SUNDAYS” is no exception to that. This song is not only validating but it is an insanely easy song to resonate with. This song captured a feeling and turned it into a song. The songwriting in this one is what makes a good song a great one.

KTJ & CARLY’s voices pair together like fine wine. They both know how to really showcase each other’s vocal strengths and that is definitely showcased throughout this soft indie ballad. Not only is the vocality dynamic strong but the listener can feel the rawness of their emotions through the small cracks in the notes. This is a purposeful flaw that makes the song feel like it is reaching into the listener’s own feelings.

The stripped down production in “SUNDAYS” really helps put the focus on the lyrical journey and was a fantastic instrumental choice. The simple guitar arrangement meshes perfectly with the emotion within the vocals presented. It feels refreshing to hear vocals as the main instrument. KTJ & CARLY’s voices are both so charismatic and know how to use the right amount of crescendos and balance in able to properly tell the story of this song. However, one of my favorite production choices was during the bridge when the instrumentals gain higher intensity and bring the listener into this whimsical world of sound just to bring us back down again to the stripped down production of piano. Simply brilliant.

Although the instrumentals and vocals are aced to perfection, the lyrics are what really make this song what it is. This song is about the highs of when you’re having the energy to accomplish everything during your week and being left with the lows on Sunday.

They honestly portray the common emotions of the comedown after being distracted from your true emotions. It is a humbling process that most of us go through each week but don’t talk about. Their storytelling and rawness of this emotion are what really captured me throughout this song. It felt good to be validated. It felt good to feel less alone.

Thank you, KTJ & CARLY for giving me that. I can’t wait for the world to feel the gift of “SUNDAYS”, too.

Written by Tricia Patras





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