Joshua is here with his new single, “Love Me” and we can’t help but appreciate every sweet line. This catchy track by Joshua is simple yet addictive. “Love Me” is bold and honest, and paired with instrumentals that surprise the listener, Joshua makes this the perfect tune.

At times, Joshua asks if his significant other can or will love him, and while we listen we understand how this is a clear question, and during the duration of the track, he waits for an answer.

Joshua has this to say about his new single,  “I’m an independent artist from Mandurah, WA (currently based in Sydney, NSW) making dark electropop song about all my feelings!”

He continues on by saying, “The newbie, Love Me, is a track that asks if someone is prepared to love me. When I love, I love hard so they need to know that before they jump in. Written, produced, and mixed all by yours truly, I’m really proud of this and hope you love it too!”

This tune is perfectly sweet and charming, and while this may be from a voice you haven’t heard before, be on the lookout for what Joshua is releasing next. 

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Our personal favorite line: “Do you have what ita takes to love me,”/ Be careful when you say you love me/ ‘Cause it’s not going to be easy, “I gave it all I got, and that’s a lot.

Written by Demornay Bester





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