“Merry Christmas, Lucy” by Dillon Greenberg & Krizmas Kaeli

Brooklyn duo Dillon Greenberg and Kaeli Earle have been hard at work spreading holiday cheer across the world with the release of their new EP “Merry Christmas, Lucy,” quite possibly the easy-listening single of the season that we all needed the most.

In an album that highlights some of the great holiday classics from the great American songbook, the original titular track, “Merry Christmas, Lucy” truly shines through to present a level of sentimentality that rivals its peers. With lyrics that read like a sentimental Christmas card, the ballad echoes sentiments of love all the way through, because on Christmas “nothing else matters unless I’m with my baby” indeed.

The piece starts off with Greenberg in a soft breathy voice with a piano accompanying for a few seconds before it kicks off into a Jazzy swing and upbeat pace carries the song all the way through. The percussion and brass section guide the mood and make you want to snap your fingers along to the beat the whole time.

Born from a place in Greenberg’s heart we can all relate to, the lyrics were inspired by her pet cat Lucy who was given a grim diagnosis earlier this year with the tune coming from composer Kaeli Earle. The piece documents the elation of Lucy making a full recovery and still being by her side through the holiday season.

No matter who you’re celebrating with this season, “Merry Christmas, Lucy” is the perfect song to include in the playlist for your next holiday cocktail party.

Reviewed by Nick Gumas




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