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“I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” by Kristopher

Fellow Floridian Kristopher Houck dropped his latest heat, “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love,” via his independent label Artemis Music Records. It’s a three-minute and eight-second tune that’s the rising star’s inaugural dive into the pop, synth-pop realm.

Maintaining his wonted cathartic and candid style, Kristopher aggrandizes his artistry by exploring other sides of pop music, ultimately birthing “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love.”

As Kristopher expresses his ambivalence towards falling in love, the Orlando-based singer blends this somber undertone with the colorful guitar, harmonies and beautiful synth effects. There’s also a simple yet refreshing, clean, and crisp beat.

The vocal layers in the bridge were a nice touch and showcased Kristopher’s ethereal vocals.

Along with the track, Kristopher released a music video starring himself and Alexander RÍos. The music video complements the song’s meaning and demonstrates the beauty of enduring the rollercoaster-like emotions associated with falling in love.

“I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” is highly relatable and something the Florida singer’s audience can connect with. Being vulnerable is challenging, particularly when it involves a romantic partner. And it’s admirable how Kristopher displays such emotional veracity.

He tested his limits in the pop realm with this track, which was a success and shows just how much of a versatile musician Kristopher is. I wonder what other avenues the emerging singer will explore in the future.

Check out some of Kristopher’s previous work, including “Liar” (2021), “Borrowed Time” (2021), “Into You” (2022), “Indigo Sky” (2022), and “Cage With No Key” (2023).

“I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” is available on all music streaming platforms. Check it out and add it to your “faves) playlist!

Written by Taylor Berry

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