“Spitting Image” by Silver Shores

Born out of the East Bay Area, Indie project “Silver Shores” has been developing poetry through a musical medium. Their passionate lyrics are truly think pieces that demand to be listened to on repeat, their words holding different meanings in good times and in bad. Their newest single “Spitting Image” is no exception as it takes you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. 

As the first chord is strummed, it echoes and reverberates introducing a playful duo of guitars dueling back and forth to begin the piece with a playful jam. After close to a minute the lyrics begin and immediately draw you into the story. “Don’t look away, this spitting image of the other day” commands your attention as the narrative unfolds.

Several guitar solos throughout the song complement the message. As the notes tremble and reverberate, they almost seem to symbolize self-revelation and internalization of facts that are often hard to accept.

The thematic dialogue of the piece is heavy with nuance, outlining the hypocrisy of pointing out flaws in others when we rarely notice the same flaws in our own character. This sentiment is highlighted with the line “It’s all shade when you’re running from yourself” and would almost prompt one to pause the song and reflect if it wasn’t a captivating enough piece to make you want to push on and hear more.

While Spitting Image might have a catchy melody, the words cut like a knife, but it truly is a song with the ability to offer a new outlook on the judgment we all pass.

Written by Nick Gumas




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