If you’re looking for new artists and music to jump start your new year, we at Rising Artists think you might enjoy these songs. Here is a selection of new tracks to add to your playlist:

Mary Middlefield – Atlantis

The mythical lost city is a central metaphor of Mary Middlefield’s new song, “Atlantis.” “If you were the ocean, I would drown myself in you. ‘Til I find Atlantis in the deepest part of you,” Middlefield swoons about emotionally immersing yourself in hopes that you will be rewarded with a paradigm shifting discovery about your relationship.

Chris Batten & The Woods – Driver (Live)

Recorded during a performance at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City, “Driver (Live)” is a mellow, acoustic-laden jam by Chris Batten & The Woods. In addition, the steady click clacks of drums and the high-pitched wails of harmonica complete the rambling, melodic atmosphere.

Olivia Brand – 1003 Days

“1003 Days,” the debut single by singer-songwriter Olivia Brand, is a supremely poignant song about feeling powerless to help someone out of their darkness. It is an anthem for mental health awareness from an outside perspective.

Ronnie Wylder – Starlight

If you close your eyes, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that “Starlight” by Ronnie Wylder is a newly unearthed recording that’s been saved from the ravages of time. Aside from the clever addition of vintage vinyl crackles, “Starlight” is an offering of timeless elegance by the Las Vegas singer-songwriter.

Leonie Meijer – Hit Me

“Hit Me,” by Amsterdam-based artist Leonie Meijer, is an alt-pop rock hybrid, featuring a reverberating bass beat and the occasional faint, jagged riffs to sharpen its melodic edges even further. If you like what you hear, Meijer is due to drop a full-length release in February.

DJ Brokoli – Madeleine Said

While it is dominated by thunderous bass hits, “Madeleine Said” by Swiss artist DJ Brokoli is also tinged by the appearance of some hollow acoustics. Featured at the very beginning of the track, this set of wiry chords are an excellent table setter.

Violet Wish – Shield Of Glass

Led by a solemn piano, “Shield Of Glass” by singer-songwriter Violet Wish features a unique, alternating style of vocals. It’s as if part of the echoing vocals split away from the source, speaking in its own fragmented voice.

Stephen Rafferty – Boys Back When

“Boys Back When,” by singer-songwriter Stephen Rafferty, features a boppy level of synth as well as a series of twinkling keys. Eventually, both elements combine for a serene soundscape.

Good Deal – Dirty Plates

“Dirty Plates,” the debut single by Raleigh, North Carolina indie rock outfit, Good Deal, features a tip-toeing bass line and a swaying guitar that builds up into more rollicking riffs. Stream the band’s debut EP, “Probably Not,” starting January 19.

Make Fiction – Icarus

If you’re a fan of having your listening experience ambushed by a sudden, violent melodic outburst, “Icarus” by Make Fiction is the song for you. After a chill intro, a suddenly raucous eruption of riffs and drums appears from out of the blue and disappears quickly. After another low-key interlude, all of the pent-up fury is unleashed in waves for its grand finale.

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