“Rollercoaster” by CARRÉ

CARRÉ is well equipped in their ability to really connect with an audience in a way that makes them feel parallels which they didn’t even know they could reach. This is actually their bread and butter. It is what they do best and it is dynamically apparent in their newest live recording of “Rollercoaster.

CARRÉ doesn’t just create music, they create an experience. Each song is derived from a real life journey. “Rollercoaster”, in particular, was inspired by their first encounter with the drug, DMT. In the metaphor of the experience, “Rollercoaster” speaks on the rollercoaster of emotions he ran into during his trip. He specifically wanted to relay the disappearance of the past, present, and future in which he felt during this transcendent encounter. 

This is definitely conveyed through the song’s range of instrumental breaks. The listener won’t even hear the first sound of vocals until minute two of the song. The decision to create a mood strictly through instrumentals really helps the audience fall deeply into their own conscious before the lyrical journey starts. This was simply brilliant and is what makes the song so unique to not only listen to personally but also translates to a live performance in a magical way.  

They didn’t create a proper music video that did this song justice until their latest performance at The Forge. Watching it really helps translate the energy to the audience in a way that makes their fans feel connected with them on a deeper level. 

“Rollercoaster” is so much more than a song. It is a masterpiece for the soul. 

Written by Tricia Patras





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