In spite of the arctic blast that has recently swept across the country, old man winter’s icy reign is nearly halfway over. To celebrate the prospect of brighter days ahead, have a listen to these new songs:

MP Grey – Mexican Sun

German songwriter MP Grey’s new single, “Mexican Sun,” is guided by a sleek, pop rock melody. Los Angeles-based singer Rudiger provides a suave vocal performance.

Held – Falling Into Space

“Falling Into Space,” by indie pop trio Held, opens with a deep, humming bass that ends up taking on a vibrating tone. Eventually, a kaleidoscopic burst of synth emerges in the finale.

Books Of Moods – Dreams

“Dreams,” by French indie rock band, Books Of Moods, features a kaleidoscopic soundscape of jangles and tiptoeing chords. Follow the band’s subtle advice and “go with the flow.”

Dream Colors – Catch The Time

“Catch the Time,” by Swiss indie pop duo Dream Colors, alternates between ultra ethereal notes and cool breeze synth waves. Altogether, “Catch The Time” delights by dancing along the fanciful fringe of the melodic spectrum.

Francesca Fuentes – Can’t Hide

On her alt-pop anthem, “Can’t Hide,” Francesca Fuentes declares that she is “rising, bloom from my tomb, I am returning.” “Can’t Hide” is a slow burn epiphany that finds Fuentes adopting the mantra that she “can’t hide any longer.”

Rob Lalain – Never Going To Walk Away From You

“Never Going To Walk Away From You,” by singer-songwriter Rob Lalain, is a soaring pop rock jam that features uplifting hooks. In addition, a series of siren riffs punctuate the soundscape of this swaying melody.

The Lovelines – Low Fidelity

“Low Fidelity” by brother-sister, indie pop duo, The Lovelines, is a chill cut of cruising piano and bass. In addition, there’s the presence of understated, but tumbling drums.

Alexayndra – Getting Away

From Alexayndra’s debut EP, “Premontions,” “Getting Away” keeps its nagging anxiety fed with a melodic atmosphere fraught with a sneaky, foreboding bass and crawling keys. Not even the fanciful string accents are enough to shake off a lingering unease.

Alannah Deneé – Keep On Movin’

“Keep On Movin’,” the new single by Nashville singer-songwriter Alannah Deneé, is an earthy, symphonic folk song. The inherent coziness of “Keep On Movin'” is this track’s winning quality.

Crosscut Collective – I Give All

“I Give All” by Crosscut Collective opens with subtle acoustics before giving way to a more deliberate bass and piano. Eventually, “I Give All” spreads its wings to reveal a more intricate ensemble.

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