“Ghost” by Chase the River

Belfast-based rock fusion project Chase the River, spawned from the mind of artist Stuart Lunn is back from the studio with his newest and emotionally gripping single “Ghost.” A reflection of an ever-changing world, Lunn explores his feelings of losing the staples of our youth and is forced to reflect on the changes he has made to himself while growing up. 

The song sets an emotionally evocative tone early with some heavy synthscape piano cords before a few notes introduce his voice.  He is joined soon after by co-vocalist Lauren White singing in harmony. White’s lighter register complements Lunn’s huskier tone, their lyrics playing off each other like old friends reunited. On the surface, the words tell a story of the closing of their favorite local bar, but the two tell a story much deeper about the fragility of youth and a reluctance to let go of a state of mind that helped build one’s own dreams.

He yearns for the optimism and playfulness of the life he used to live. Lines like “Younger souls in different clothes” highlight the artist’s realization of their own personal growth, admitting “This world that we built was never built to last” as he acknowledges this fearful truth. Throughout the song he tells the story of allowing himself to recapture this feeling once again, but this time with the knowledge of just how fleeting it might be and a newfound appreciation for it.

It is difficult to not connect with the message of this song. In a world that has changed so much over the past few years, Lunn’s newest music puts into words a perspective most of us have undoubtedly felt as we look into our rearview mirrors.

Written by Nick Gumas





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