“The Journey” by Backstrom

Independent Swedish Country Folk project Backstrom is back from the studio with a new single that feels as classic as if it were fresh from a time capsule with the release of “The Journey.” A key part of the project’s newest album “The Carousel” Backstrom creates a soothing mood with the help of featured vocalist Bart Topher.

The song starts with a classic upbeat old-school country beat as Topher’s vocals come in close to the beginning of the piece. His vocals are smoothly delivered with just the right amount of country twang as he tells a deep and personal story of personal development with the opening hook “On a dark road and in the lost, you feel the wind change you pay the cost. When you search for something you can’t find, you’ll see the real journey happens inside.”

The Journey sculpts a narrative of seizing every day and becoming a better person for it. Lyrics such as “Don’t think you’re gonna make it out of this life alive, get busy with your living or you’ll be busy dying” fortify this point and remind us all that the choices we make to live a life worth living are our own for better or worse.

The song embodies the old adage that country music should be three cords and the truth. With a powerful message delivered through a soft-spoken yet powerful medium that allows the listener to focus on the passion behind the message rather than get distracted with unnecessary detours along the way. 

Written by Nick Gumas





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