“Conquer” by Near Death Experience (NDX)

London-based psychedelic soul-funk project Near Death Experience (NDX) is wasting no time establishing its unique sound with the release of their Sophomore full-length album, appropriately titled “The Release.” In a collection of music with such energy and spirit in their music not seen since the Summer of Love, the first track “Conquer” truly sets the tone for not just this album, but their project as a whole.

The song starts off with a fast-paced and groovy guitar strumming pattern that could put anyone in an upbeat mood. As the lyrics come in a few seconds later with a baritone resonancy reminiscent of the tone of Edwin Starr, they chant “She came, she saw, she conquered.”

Musically, the song is almost built in the style of Jimi Hendrix with quick chord strumming supporting the members’ fluent musicianship and poignant and punchy lyrical hooks that drive this piece at 90 miles an hour all the way to the end. At no point does this single pause to catch its breath, and you instinctively bob your head from side to side throughout.

Lead singer Ian Whiteling’s vocal talents highlight the song as he performs with incredible passion all the while. His voice features a full-bodied sound, not afraid to emphasize some lines with a deeper and huskier grumble, and still has the range to support a resonant and open vibrato throughout every sustained note.

With this release, NDX has given us a glimpse into the mind of their musical philosophy, that music is best enjoyed when it is played in an engaging format.

Written by Nick Gumas





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