“Twerka” by Pleaning

Munich-based EDM staple in the making, Pleaning, is wasting no time in defining their musical brand as today marks the release of their debut EP “Supersolo.” With a genuinely unique sound, the album combines elements of retro mixing techniques from a comfortable musical time with a modern flare that sounds like nothing else. From the body of six songs on the collection, the project’s identity is truly defined by their electrifying heavy hitter opening song “Twerka.”

The single opens with a captivating hook as percussion tubes pulsate through the speakers. This beat anchors the piece and drives it through its journey. A synthetic keyboard melody appears immediately after in the vein of Daft Punk and motivates a more danceable feel throughout.

Logistically, the music remains versatile. It provides an engaging flow that would fit right into any DJ’s midnight set at a warehouse rave but retains an approachable focus to it that one could play through their headphones for a solid study marathon without distracting from the task at hand. With a bass-heavy beat and rainbows of synthetic accouterments, it pulls one’s attention and allows itself to become whatever the listener needs it to be.

Determined to not let the momentum of this release slip away, the artist has promised fans they will not have to wait very long to keep this party going. With the release of Supersolo, Pleaning has also announced that a sister album is in the final stages and not far behind. We can only look forward to their Sophomore release in anticipation to see what will come next.

Written by Nick Gumas




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