“TSP Squared” by The Stuart Patti Project

With a love for God and a calling for rock music, The Stuart Patti Project released his new EP “TSP Squared.” The project is decades in the making. He shared that he felt like he wanted to be a rock star forever and had an up and down relationship with God, until the last 20 years. Through this finding of God, Patti came up with The Stuart Patti Project. 

When asked how he came up with the name he shared, “So there is no band, at this time, and it really is a project. Ultimately it is God’s project, but He has many different projects going on, so I thought it would be presumptuous for me to call this ‘God’s Project.”

Overall the EP accomplishes exactly what Patti set out to do. His influences of the 70s and 80s rock shine throughout each track. It’s the kind of Christian rock where you might not even know it’s Christian until you dissect the lyrics. What makes this project special is its a family affair. The lyrics from the track “Take Heart” were from Patti’s daughter Heather, inspired from her poem.

The Stuart Patti Project comes from the most genuine place imaginable. He was able to take his love of rock and God and blend it with his family and mission to inspire others to put their faith in Jesus.

Written by Katie Power





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