“End of The World” by Zach Adam

Epic in every sense of the word, up and coming artist Zach Adam, has released a music video to pair with his debut single “End of The World.” Adam balances past and future in an impressive way. As he comes to terms with his past and uses them as muses, he is not afraid to explore the possibilities of the future.

The music video is a three-minute movie – combining inspirations of post-apocalyptic shows like The Last of Us and time traveling journeys like Back To The Future, we follow Adam on a dramatic mission. Directed by Cameron Veitch (Tate McRae, Martin Garrix, Khalid, Bob Moses) we follow our hero, Zach Adam, as he sets out to save the world.

His vocals are rich and emotional, reminiscent of vocal powerhouses like Josh Ramsey of Marianas Trench and pop sensation Sam Smith. Adam captures a larger than life feeling in the production, with complex synths and piano builds, this world was thought out in every way you could imagine. Right out of the gate as a debut project, it shows that Adam can only get bigger and explore the world he has created deeper. His synth pop sound experiments that nostalgic 80s feel and what music of the future could be like, similar to Album of The Year winner Midnights by Taylor Swift.

Overall, Adam is an exciting watch and already proved both his talent and passion in this music video and single. If you have not seen the video, it is available now to watch – so join Zach Adam on his mission to stop the end of the world!

Written by Katie Power





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