“Start a Revolution” by Danielle Bloom

Nashville-based rocker Danielle Bloom is taking to the airwaves again with the release of her newest single “Start a Revolution.” The importance of this single extends far beyond its gripping beat and Bloom’s Ann Wilson-style vocals as the lyrics inspire a powerful message of changing the status quo and creating a better society for everyone by any means necessary.

The song starts off with high energy and does not let up throughout the piece. In true rock fashion, it begins with heavy guitars punctuated with a drum beat, followed by a screech from Bloom after a couple of notes. Musically, the song carries on with enthusiasm in the style of rock with country undertones, with an angsty yet focused message narrated throughout.

With her lyrics, Bloom makes it clear that she is done supporting a system that does not work for most people. Early in the song she clearly outlines this disdain with lines like “I saw the suits in DC. They were making all the money out of peddling fear. Who do they represent, anyway?” Through this, she vocalizes an all too familiar sentiment that major change is far too overdue.

While this anthem highlights general feelings of disdain, she ultimately presents a position of optimism that change can happen with the lyrics “This generation is just what we need.” As she calls on the world to do something drastic, she leaves the piece with a note of advice in the final lines of the song as she screams “Stop complaining about your situation, let’s start a revolution.”

Written by Nick Gumas





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