“Same Kind of Heartache” by Evan Kreutz

With a love for all aspects of music, Evan Kreutz has put out “Same Kind of Heartache.” This single marks the singer’s first release of 2024: and is a strong start to the year. Kreutz is no stranger to the music industry, from singing in his family band, working at music studios to playing the stage at Six Flags Great Adventure: he’s done a little of everything.

His experience in the music industry mirrors his influences – taking a little bit from different artists. His storytelling was inspired by earlier Beatles albums while his production is more modern pop rock like Harry Styles or 5 Seconds of Summer. 

Kreutz pours his heart out on this track, reminiscing about the good times with a partner and wanting to have one more night tonight. “And if our favorite song plays at all / can I call for a dance ‘round the truth?” Kreutz sings, his lyrics are clever and conversational: making the song overall universal to listeners. The instruments in the song are evocative, with sly drums and piano. A highlight is the explosive guitar solo at the end, it’s gritty and passionate, laying on the vibes thick right at the very end.

When talking about his first release of the year, Kreutz shared, “This song is a testament to the rollercoaster of emotions we experience in love and relationships. I hope listeners resonate with its sincerity and find solace in its melodies.”

Overall, Kreutz sets out on a goal to captivate audience with this single, and that goal is achieved. It has all the elements to be a top 40 pop hit in the making.

Written by Katie Power





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