“Set Me Free” by RuBe

Electronic pop artist and singer RuBe’s latest song, “Set Me Free,” is a soon-to-be drum n bass classic. The​​ instrumental aspect of the track alone is enough to captivate any listener instantly, but the song’s star is RuBe’s exceptionally beautiful vocals. “Set Me Free” and RuBe’s sound feels like a positive shift in the new generation of EDM. 

At just nineteen years old, RuBe (real name Ruby) already has a distinct sound unique from anything that any other electronic artist is putting out today. It’s difficult not to have vocals shined away from an infectious instrumental or vice versa. Yet, RuBe can simultaneously let each facet of the track coincide, each having its own moments to be at the forefront. Fans of deep house and EDM won’t get enough of “Set Me Free,” but neither will those who listen to pop or music for the lyrics. This is likely because all of RuBe’s songs begin on the piano, highlighting her singer-songwriting abilities. 

“Set Me Free” is a rare mix of the bedroom/sad-pop genre mixed with electronic music, meaning that there is something for every listener to enjoy. “Set Me Free” is the second single off of RuBe’s “Daughter’s Trilogy,” which tells the story of living with a mentally ill mother and the narrator’s dream to be free but afraid simultaneously. These mixed emotions of love and hate are highlighted perfectly within “Set Me Free.” 

RuBe’s vulnerability in songwriting and her innate talent for creating a fun track to dance to is truly special. “Set Me Free” is available on most major streaming platforms now.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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