“Yesterday” by Michael Little

Houston-based New Soul artist Michael Little has enjoyed a career working as a producer for over a decade, but only recently has he brought his true passions into the limelight with the release of his new and self-produced track “Yesterday.” A single that lept straight from his heart, he paints a touching picture of love after loss and reminds us all just how eternal love truly is. 

At its core, “Yesterday” is a story about learning to love again. After tragically losing his partner of eleven years, he felt he might never again capture that feeling, but as time went on, he found happiness once more. As the years passed, he decided the best way to express how he truly felt was through song. Through his music, Little professes his feelings of love to his partner, remembering the strong feelings of love at first sight as vividly as if they had only happened yesterday.

The single itself blends elements of classic R&B with a new flare. In a similar vein to artists like “Joe,” he begins his music with a soft and sweet musical introduction before Little’s soft-spoken vocals carry the narrative with lyrics that read like poetry.

Little showers the object of his affections with every line through lines like “Heaven sent that day a woman for high praise.” He goes on to highlight the trust he has always had in his new beloved in building a life together, stating “You said it first, it’s going to take work.”

As life changes all around us, it is important to let those you love know just how much they mean to you. Through this single, Little has left his passions clear and unambiguous in every possible way.

Written by Nick Gumas





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