“The Elephant in the Room” by Prince of Sweden

Alternative rock artist Prince of Sweden’s new song, “The Elephant in the Room,” is a moody, lyrically-driven track. Fans of singer-songwriters from the past, such as Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, will be taken back to those times when music had a purpose and meaning. The song is seven and a half minutes long, yet it never once becomes dull. If you’re a fan of long songs that tell a story with thought-provoking lyrics, “The Elephant in the Room” is for you.

The artist behind Prince of Sweden is singer-songwriter James Phippen. At a young age, he learned guitar from his neighbor on the farm opposite his house. In James’ early twenties, he began his musical journey by moving to South London and has been playing shows and releasing music ever since. 

James’ music stays tried and true to his heart and soul, with poetic lyricism and his innate gift to connect with the listener. His timeless music highlights that sometimes nothing is needed other than authentic vocals with a guitar. “The Elephant in the Room” has a melancholy instrumental, subtle enough not to overpower James’ storytelling but to be a harmonious accompaniment. The vocals begin to fade during the last minute of the track, and “The Elephant in the Room” transcends into an atmospheric instrument solo, almost sounding like an entirely different song. While the first six minutes of the track are vocal-heavy with little change in the instrumental, the last minute highlights that lyrics aren’t necessarily needed to portray emotion. 

“The Elephant in the Room” is the second single from Prince of Sweden’s forthcoming album “Beneath the Big Top”. The album is set to be released on March 30th, 2024.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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