“Redemption” by The Dream Spiral

Brisbane-native Five-Piece Indie Rock outfit “The Dream Spiral” are reaping the rewards of their years of work together as they promote their debut single “Redemption.” The project’s Freshman release serves as an optimistic window into their music potential as it demonstrates a melodic sensibility and gothic elements that embody the genre they strive to define.

The song begins with a reverberated and echoing chorus that feels somewhat reminiscent of the introductory theme music to Halo. An upbeat percussive tune then appears to set the tone of the piece, followed by an accompanying bass rhythm. The vocals then come in with a hypnotic swing and resonant baritone whose vocal tone and lyrical structure share a strong resemblance to Maralyn Manson as they begin the story with the lyrics “Touch me deep inside with the way that you smile.”

Narratively, the piece feels reminiscent of the grunge, goth-rock, and alternative metal movements that influenced a generation in the early 90’s. While invoking gruesome imagery, the hyperbolic nature of the lyrics serves as a window into the hearts of the artists that prompt the words to be taken at more than face value. Lines like “I will eat from your body, makes my passions run wild” and “Claw the skin from my back, you let me sink just like a stone” serve as metaphors for the raw passion these artists hope to convey.

As the song ends with ominous and vibrant bangs of the drum, we feel a release from the immersion of the past four minutes. With a passion for creating a world with their music, we can only wait with anticipation for the stories they have yet to tell.

Written by Nick Gumas





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