“Innocence” by Satico Satellite

Broadcasting from Southern Florida, new Indie Pop project “Satico Satellite” has been aggressively pushing the envelope as they bring their musical ambition to a new solo venture. In parleying a lifetime of commitment to their fanbase and garnering six didgets worth of followers across all social media platforms in the season since announcing their launch, they have taken the scene by storm as they bring their solo project into the limelight. Their newly released Sophomore single “Innocence” puts their best foot forward as they combine years of experience with generations of influence. 

The song begins with a short burst of heavy distortion and a reverberant guitar beat before the vocals enter a few moments later. The piece puts the artist’s passionate and resonant baritone voice on full display as the music takes flight.

The meaning of the song is pensive in nature, centering on asking oneself what they would have changed in previous choices if we had known more at the time. The lyrics “How can we go back again now that we know everything?” repeat throughout the piece, prompting thoughts of what decisions we have made in our own lives we would have made again if we could only see the full picture.

The whole piece has a distinct late 90’s/early 2000s throwback feel to it that seems to pay homage to the golden age of contemporary music. With heavy distortion on the vocals and instrumentals coupled with a memorable and defined hook, the song flows in a catchy manner without overwhelming the senses. With such an auspicious initial rollout, we wait with great anticipation to see which direction this project can take their later releases.

Written by Nick Gumas





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