“My Special One” by Composer Melvin Fromm Jr.

Jump into this toe tapping tune with Composer Melvin Fromm Jr.’s “My Special One.” Composer Melvin Fromm Jr has worked with a dream team of engineers to put his songs together. He cites the start of musical journey starting at the church.

“I have a lot to thank God about and I try to always surround myself with positive in life and the goodness of God. I like to take to always praise the goodness of God in all things in my life it keeps me grounded and working hard,” he shares.

“My Special One” takes influence from a variety of sounds like country, jazz, gospel, and more. The lead vocalist’s voice is bright and cheery, reminiscent of a young Dolly Parton. The production is clean, and it is clear that Composer Melvin Fromm Jr’s composing has real heart and beauty to it. The fiddles and guitars slide across the track while the vocals profess love singing, “playing that special lovin’ violin / you’re the one in my life.”

Overall, the song is upbeat and fun, perfect for any honky tonk bar filled with line dancing. It perfectly sits alongside country music with its fun melody and storytelling. So be sure to go check out “My Special One” and all Composer Melvin Fromm Jr’s amazing work!

Written by Katie Power





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