“Camper” by Foxlin

An artist with an inspiring story, Ryan Johnson known in the music world as Foxlin, has released his EP Camper, available everywhere now. Johnson really captures what it means to create art and how that process can be immensely healing in times of darkness. He shared that alongside battling suicide ideation and Borderline Personality Disorder, Johnson also has a type of incurable cancer that truly makes him question life. All these challenges he faces allow him to have a unique perspective on life, and that reins true on this project.

He has a very indie alt sound, similar to the popular song “End Of Beginning” by Djo. Johnson has stacked and distant vocals, allowing the brighter guitar melody to shine in the track “A Real State.” Reflecting on the meaning of life the lyrics ring, “Send me some time / So I can recede / Send dollar signs / So I can eat / Cause I’m lost from here.” Straight-to-the-point honesty like this is difficult in songwriting, I appreciate Foxlin’s non-flowery approach to a topic like this. Sometimes the glass is not always half full and that is okay. It is a reminder that we all feel lost sometimes.

“There’s A First Time For Everything” has such smart and poetic writing. If you were to just read the lyrics, they do read like a poem: with the instrumentals adding this rage and heartbreak with loud guitars and driving drums. “Now, all I know are love rabbit holes / With a hand-me-down heart that once stood to unfold / & shoulder off the cold.” Foxlin is able to play off these common saying and give them a spin that is truer to him.

Overall, the whole EP is riveting to dissect, knowing Foxlin’s story makes it even easier to connect to the story. However, if you stumbled upon it, you would find someone singing about modern issues and the lostness anyone feels growing up – universal topics. So if you have not listened to Foxlin’s project Camper yet,  go listen to it now!

Written by Katie Power





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